With news that over 90% of all websites use Javascript, maybe it’s time to get to know the popular programming language. Whether you want to change careers or brush up your skills, it’s useful to have a good working knowledge of Javascript and it’s associated frameworks. You might even want to help your younger ones with their homework, after all, coding is being introduced into the UK curriculum.

If you’re worried about starting to code, don’t be, you’re not the first. A number of people working in mid-level jobs have decided to start coding with the help of online & offline courses. Almost all of the individuals featured in the article landed jobs with higher salaries compared to their previous role. It just shows how influential and important program languages are nowadays. While there have been arguments to suggest ‘coding won’t save you‘, it’s worth a try as we accelerate into the digital marketplace. Admittedly, coding isn’t a quick fix. It will take time (and often money) and you can’t guarantee you’ll pick it up well and even less guarantee that your new skills will get you a dystopian coding job in the future; open-sourcing has meant the world of languages is constantly changing and you’ll need to make your new coding feat a habit, not a hobby. But don’t let that put you off, any knowledge of Javascript is better than none!

There are many routes into coding and all of them offer different benefits; some are more expensive than others but they are likely more in-depth, and some are free but only accessible on iPhone. Whatever course you choose it must be fit for purpose. Don’t think an expensive course means a good course, especially if you’re coding for your own personal use. See our extensive list of courses online, IRL, and apps that can help you become a coding master in no time. Unless otherwise stated the following courses all cost, but we will feature free online courses also.

Full-Time Courses

Founders & Coders – Every year, Founders & Coders takes on a group and trains them in full-stack JavaScript and other web development tools for free. Any profits made from graduate placements go back into the training process.

Makers Academy – This 12-week course has already seen 500 graduate and their expecting more every year. The curriculum includes Javascript, HTML, git, and Ruby. Their full 16-week programme costs £8,000, but with a £500 scholarship for women who they note are “highly underrepresented in the tech community”.

CodeRoute – Another 12-week course in the UK that claims to move beyond just the technical side of coding and into employability skills. 40 hours of tuition will cost you £8,000.

Decoded (Day courses available) – Code, Hack, Data or Tech in a day will cost you around £417-£1,050 depending on date and selected class.

Online Courses

W3School (Free!)

Treehouse – around £30 a month

Tuts+ – around £10 a month

Code School (Free!)

Khan Academy (Free!)

Coder’s Guide – A free YouTube series for those who are visual learners!

Codecademy (Free!)


Lrn (Only on iPhone at the moment)


Codea (Only on iPhone, £10.99)