Nowadays everyone has at least one online profile 92% of recruiters using social media to find high-quality hires, what makes your personal brand stand out? With

With nearly 500 million tweets send every day, it’s difficult to cut through the noise of self-promotion and cat GIFs. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips that’ll help you build your online profiles and push your personal brand further.

Time for an Audit

You’re on Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, but what does each social network do for you?

Take the time to look at your personal brand and choose the right social platforms that reflect it. Is thought leadership an element of your personal brand? Use Twitter instead of Instagram. Is creativity a part of your brand? Try Pinterest.

Your social media choices will depend on your identity. Remember that you don’t have to be on all social networks; just stick to the ones that will actually further your brand rather than dilute it.


Find Your Voice

To enhance your personal brand you must first create a tone of voice and stick with it. Your tone will all depend on your brand but a good technique to pinpoint your voice is breaking it down into three words. It can be as simple as funny, informative, friendly.

This will also help you decide whether sharing that Buzzfeed list is suitable for your personal brand. Align your personal brand with your tone of voice and diffuse it across all your platforms. Whilst you’re there, make sure that all of your online profiles are consistent in delivery too.



Don’t use social networks as a megaphone; start talking to people! Share ideas, create networks, build rapport; it’s what social media was built for. By doing so you’ll spread your message and personal brand to the people who care about what you have to say.

Instead of just aimlessly tweeting about how great you are, socialising will help you gain access to a niche. Once you’ve found a network, you’ll be able to develop your brand and message.


Don’t Get Bored

Not seeing instant results? Keep at it. Social media isn’t a quick fix, it’s about dispensing bite-size chunks and keeping people hungry for more. You need to remain present, even if you’re a bit bored of tweeting! It is easy to become disheartened when you lose followers but just remind yourself that your strategy is resilient just like your personal brand.


Think Before You  Tweet

Building your personal brand takes time so take the time to think through what you’re putting online. It’s extremely difficult to permanently delete something online. With that in mind, when you’re about to post something think to yourself, “Does this adhere to my ‘tone of voice’ 3 descriptive words”? Is it funny, informative and friendly?”

If it does, brilliant. If it doesn’t, scrap it. Consistency is key and there is no point jeopardising your brand for a dodgy tweet.

However you choose to display your personal brand, just do it with personality. Don’t be scared to share your opinions or reveal who you really are. What makes a great personal brand is one that truly reflects you.