Thoughts on #CWat50: Beating the Developer Skills Shortage Digital Transformation... Is AI the future of big data?

Thoughts on #CWat50: Beating the Developer Skills Shortage

What a great event, both informative and fun! Here’s what you missed if you didn’t manage to attend #CWat50 on 14 September.

Hosted by Skills Matter at their CodeNode venue in central London, Computer Weekly held their 50th anniversary celebrations last week – #CWat50. The meetup highlighted areas of future focus for Enterprise organisations across technology innovation and the ever-increasing skills gap in the current market. The audience was a mixture of over 300 Business leaders, Thought Leaders, CEO, CTOs, Government Bodies and SMEs.

Liam Maxwell, National Technology Adviser for HM Government, stated his opinion and gave us a snapshot of the future of tech:

  • Common Shared Components
  • An Economy of APIs
  • Open Source
  • Cloud & Virtualisation
  • Collaboration
  • Cyber Security
  • Springboard of SME Growth to help enterprises innovate

All of the above predictions really resonated with me; as I am sure it did for most business owners out there. Security, common services, open Source and cloud are all near the top of your current tech innovation and budget agenda for 2016/2017.



What was noticeable to Liam and everyone else in the room at the event is the IT skills shortage that we are going to come up against whilst trying to keep up with innovation.

As a technology economy, we are moving with the times as fast as we can; some SMEs and Enterprises are moving a lot faster than others across retail, banking and government as examples. I know from speaking to my network of CTOs, CEOs and Thought Leaders that the demand for skillsets such as Cyber Security, DevOps, Application Architects (including MicroServices and SOA) and Data Analytics is constantly increasing and the costs of these individuals teams is rocketing.

While on one hand this is great that there is such a demand, we do need to be thinking as a “collective” of new ways to attract talent and upskill the marketplace to allow the business and government sectors to scale and innovate at the rate they currently are so that they can support each other in this movement. I believe #CWat50 did highlight that everyone who attended was on board with supporting the changes that need to come.

Here’s how we plan on addressing the skills shortage at Avion Innovation:

  1. Upskilling internal technical staff via our Specialist Consultants (on-site or off-site)
  2. Boosting awareness of technology at Grassroots (let’s get coding in schools!)
  3. Ensuring knowledge transfer from Specialist Consultants to internal teams
  4. Allowing technical staff to attend more community events and meetups
  5. Collaborating with SMEs and Consultancies/RPOs

These 5 steps will enable us to support businesses in attracting and keeping the best IT talent in the future, as well as helping us provide IT professionals with outstanding developer career opportunities.

Looking to future-proof your tech team? Avion Innovation can help you set up your own 5-point plan to combat the skills gap

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